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Performance Formula® Warm Weather Blend

Formulated to provide the same benefits as Performance Formula All Season (Blue Label) without cold weather protection. Performance Formula Warm Weather Blend is recommended when ambient temperatures are above 40°F (4° C).

Important: To achieve maximum benefits, Additives should be used all year, not just during the cold winter months. For ultimate warm weather protection against fuel related issues, use Performance Formula Warm Weather Blend.

  • Contains Detergents that clean & protect the fuel system from deposits resulting in increased Horsepower, Torque and Improved Economy
  • Lubricates fuel system components to help prevent wear caused by low lubricity fuels
  • Cetane improver improves combustion resulting in better starting, running , and reduced engine noise
  • Demulsifies water for more effective water separation
  • Corrosion Inhibiters prevents rust/corrosion from forming on fuel system components
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulates
  • Stabilizes fuel by protecting against the formation of gums caused by oxidation


Size 8 oz
(235 ml)
16 oz Pint
(470 ml)
64 oz
(1.9 L)
5 Gallons
(19 L)
55 Gallons
(208 L)
Part Number 43568 43570 43572 43574 43573
Package Quantity* 24/case 12/case 6/case 1 1
Treatment (1:500) 30 gal
(114 L)
60 gal
(227 L)
250 gal
(909 L)
2,500 gal
(9,464 L)
27,500 gal
(104,099 L)

* Sold Individually at participating locations


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