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Diesel Fuel Filters & Water Separators
Clarcor diesel fuel filters and water separators are a unique, patented, modular
system that can be customized for virtually any application.
There are four series of Fuel Manager Systems available:

  • FM 1 Series for diesel engines from 10 to 60 HP, with a
    maximum fuel flow rate 25 U.S. gals./hr. (95 LPH).
  • FM 10 Series for diesel engines from 10 to 200 HP, with a maximum
    fuel flow rate 60 U.S. gals./hr. (230 LPH).
  • FM 100 Series for diesel engines up to 350 HP, (80 U.S. gals./hr. or 300 LPH).
  • FM 1000 Series for diesel engines from 250 to 600 HP, with flow rates up to
    180 U.S. gals./hr. (680 LPH).
  • Higher flow rates can be accommodated by installing units in parallel.
  • filter_10_100_1000_3


For Additional Information about our Diesel Fuel Filter and Water Separators Click Here!

Nothing Protects Like Original Equipment

Your diesel vehicles and equipment are major investments and protecting their engines expensive fuel injection system is a top priority. So, when your diesel engine’s fuel filter elements require replacement, insist on genuine Fuel Manager filter elements only!

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