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Testing has shown an average fuel economy improvement between 3% - 4%, and in some cases as high as 10%. Actual savings will vary and are dependent on fuel quality, driving conditions, fleet and/or engine age and driving habits. Select 4%, 7% or 10% from the pull down to estimate savings.

Stanadyne Performance Formula® protects your diesel engine and improves engine performance. The detergency and cetane improver in Performance Formula will help restore fuel economy, increase horsepower and torque. To help restore your engine's maximum fuel economy, horsepower and torque as outlined above, use Performance Formula All Season or Warm Weather Blend with every fillup and treat with Performance Formula Injector Cleaner 4 - 6 times per year.

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Kearney, NE 68848
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Additives:   Europe, Middle East, Africa

Baldwin Filters N.V.
Industrielaan 25-29
2110 Wijnegem, Belgium
P: 32 3 328 18 88
F: 32 3 328 18 99

At your local fuel injection and engine service facility.

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